Yard Treatment For Insects

There are many options for treating insects in your yard, but Spectracide, EcoSmart, Lambda-cyhalothrin1, and BioAdvanced all kill a variety of garden insects, including the common housefly. Which one is right for your yard and your budget? Read on to learn more. We’ll explain the differences between these options and help you decide which is right for your yard.


Spectracide is a kill-on-contact insecticide. The active ingredient, Gamma-Cyhalothrin, kills bugs above and below the ground. In a Michigan State University study, the insecticide was found to be effective against ants, grubs, mosquitoes, and a wide variety of other bugs. Spectracide is safe to use around children and pets. It should be applied to the lawn during the summer months.

Spectracide is a great choice for homeowners looking for a fast-acting, effective insect killer. The product’s powerful chemicals control a wide variety of insects, including ants, armyworms, cutworms, millipedes, mosquitoes, palmetto bugs, sod webworms, and spittlebugs. You can apply it to both sides of your lawn and treat the ground beneath. You can even spray the treatment around the perimeter of your house.

Spectracide is the best yard treatment to control a wide variety of insects. Its application is easy and requires only a hose. This insecticide is effective in killing up to 98% of insects. Each spectracid application is tailored to the insect problem it targets. This insecticide covers 5,000 square feet. It also repels a wide range of other insects and is safe to use around ornamental trees.

Ortho max lawn and garden insect killer is great for outdoor use. It is faster acting on bugs and other pests. It is available in both liquid and powder form. It is important to mix the insecticide with water before applying it to the lawn. Once applied, it develops a defensive ground surrounding the affected area. After a few days, you can walk backwards to water the area again.


If you’re tired of dealing with pests in your yard, consider trying BioAdvanced yard treatment for insects. This spray is rainproof after an hour, and the insecticide will kill surface insects, keeping them away for up to 30 days. This product is safe for use around pets and children, and it won’t harm fish or invertebrates. And since it’s water-soluble, it can last as long as three months in soil before the insecticide dries.

Another effective insect control product is BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Insect, Disease, and Mite Control. This product provides triple protection for your yard, killing insects and curing fungal diseases while promoting plant growth. It can be used on various types of plants, from trees and shrubs to flowers. It’s also safe for use on plants, and can be applied up to a day before harvest.

The unique formula of BioAdvanced kills both surface and soil-based insects, eliminating up to 40 common lawn pests in a single application. In addition to ants, bioadvanced kills the larvae of mole crickets and European crane flies. These insects can contaminate food and water, ruin your yard’s appearance and cause damage. And with this unique, two-way action, you’ll never have to deal with insect problems again!

The granules in BioAdvanced yard treatment for insects work very well on annual bluegrass weevil and hyperodes weevil, which can cause extensive damage to lawns and gardens. If you’re concerned about insecticides, check the label to make sure they are safe for children and pets. BioAdvanced is approved for use in outdoor pest control products for both indoor and outdoor use.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly yard treatment that kills ants and repels crawling insects, EcoSmart has you covered. With its patented blend of organic plant oils, this insecticide kills bugs on contact, leaving no toxic residues behind. In addition to killing ants, EcoSmart is completely safe for pets and children. And, it’s made in the USA! What’s more, EcoSmart won’t harm any wildlife.

You can use EcoSmart organic insecticides on many types of plants, from chinch bugs to Japanese Beetles. You can also spray the product directly onto garden fruits and vegetables for an added benefit. The two-in-one product is designed to be applied in the summertime, and is guaranteed not to burn your lawn. This organic insecticide will help your lawn absorb more water and nutrients, and will also protect it from ants, chinch bugs, ticks, and weevils.

It is best to apply granules of insecticides, rather than liquids, as liquids are easy to overuse. However, you should wait at least one hour after applying any insecticide to ensure the active ingredients have had an opportunity to penetrate the soil. After applying the product, make sure to water it in well before going outside. The best time to apply these chemicals is early summer, before the insects have already begun to infest your lawn.

While some insects can be annoying, they are also dangerous to humans, pets, and your lawn. For example, mole crickets dig under your lawn, destroying the roots. Other pests like chinch bugs can eat the grass roots and kill it. It is important to keep these pests at bay as they can destroy your lawn’s integrity. It’s important to protect your lawn and keep your home pest-free.


A common misconception about insecticides is that they are odorless, but that is not the case. Insecticides can kill both plants and animals. Fortunately, insecticides can be found in many household products. Listed below are several different products available for insect control. You can find the best one for your needs by reading the label carefully. Insecticides may not be right for your lawn or garden, but there are some safe, environmentally friendly products on the market.

The research for lambda-cyhalothracid was based on a study that used liquefied lettuce, a diluent, and HPLC grade water to test the effectiveness of the chemical. The results showed that the chemical was not a complete pesticide. However, the study did detect residues of the pesticide in a variety of plants. The study also revealed that l-cyhalothrin was effective in killing a number of insect pests. It was also found to be safe when applied to plants.

Lambda-cyhalothrel is an insecticide that works by causing an allergic reaction in the insect. The ingredient is derived from the petals of the chrysanthemum flower. Lambda-cyhalothrin has two modes of action: contact and ingestion. It can kill insects in just minutes and have a long residual effect. Its long-lasting residual will ensure that it will work effectively even if your yard is covered for a few weeks.

Whether lambda-cyhalothris is the best yard treatment for insects depends on how you apply it. Lambda-cyhalothrin is an effective insecticide, but the main concern is overuse and misuse of the product. This compound is considered safe to use by some experts, but its overuse could pose a health risk for humans.

FMC Talstar Professional

Whether you’re battling termites or pesky ants, FMC’s Talstar Professional yard treatment for insects can help you control pests that wreak havoc on your property. This product is a three-in-one pesticide that works on a variety of surfaces. To use Talstar P, simply mix one ounce with one gallon of water. Apply the mixture around the perimeter and foundation of your home, including entry points. The product must be applied every three to four weeks and not more often than once every seven to ten days.

To apply Talstar P Professional to your lawn and ornamental plants, mix it with a diluted insect growth regulator. Apply it to the perimeter of the yard, around plants, and on common entry points, including vents and eaves. Apply Talstar P once a month from August to November. Applying the solution to these areas will keep pests at bay for weeks. Talstar Professional is effective against fleas and ants, and its residual lasts up to thirty days. Apply it to your yard every 7 days, but don’t apply more than a half oz per 1,000 square feet.

Talstar P kills 75 different types of insects, including bedbugs and ants. Additionally, the product is suitable for use around food-handling areas, like kitchens and bathrooms. The product is safe for indoor and outdoor use. It doesn’t damage plants or leave noticeable residues. It also kills mosquitoes, bedbugs, and centipedes. Talstar Professional is a multi-purpose pesticide and can be used on homes, gardens, and commercial properties.