Things to Do As a New Homeowner

Before moving into your new home, there are some things you need to do. One of the most important tasks is taking accurate room measurements. Having a tape measure handy will ensure you have the correct measurements for every room in your new home. Then you can search for affordable furniture. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Prepare a Home Inspection Checklist

A home inspection is an important part of the buying process, and it’s an opportunity for the new homeowner to know exactly what to look for and ask the seller to fix a problem. It’s also an opportunity to save yourself a lot of money and hassle later. However, you should remember that a home inspection isn’t just about finding flaws – it’s also about protecting yourself and your new home. Luckily, there are some tips that can help you prepare a thorough home inspection checklist.

A thorough home inspection is crucial in helping the buyer understand how serious a problem is and what action they should take to remedy the problem. The report will contain detailed images and written descriptions of everything the inspector examines. If the inspector doesn’t find something, you should contact an attorney immediately. Depending on the state you live in, you may be able to pursue legal action against the seller. However, there are no guarantees that your buyer will make your new home safe.

While a home inspector can help you make an informed decision on whether to buy a particular property, some of them aren’t thorough. An inspection report can be difficult to read, and some inspectors don’t look for deal breakers. Having a home inspection checklist will help you know the major flaws of the property before releasing the inspection contingency. Besides helping the buyer, a checklist will help you maintain your home and prevent costly repairs.

Connect Utilities

You may need to connect utilities as a new homeowner if you have recently moved to a different city or state. If you are moving within the same city, your utility company may already know the address of your new home. If you are moving to a new state or city, you will need to contact each utility provider separately and cancel your old service. Typically, the technician will visit your new home to set up your service. However, internet and cable service providers may require you to be home at the time of the connection.

Before connecting your utilities, it is important to get your new address and contact information from each utility company. You may also need to update your address with your new address. Depending on the utility company, you may be required to supply a credit check or security deposit before getting service. Your landlord may also require you to verify your residency before they can turn on your utilities, so you will want to find out how long this will take before moving in.

Upon moving into your new home, the first step is to contact your utility provider. You may want to check the landlord’s website or talk to the real estate agent or previous owner. In most cases, there will be only one utility provider for your new home, but there may be a few different options available for services. Luckily, you can often find competitive rates by checking out the American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers (ACCES), which provides a state-by-state directory of energy providers.

Clean Your Home Before Moving In

There are a lot of things you have to do when moving, but cleaning your home before moving in is one of them. Even if you’re moving in a brand new home, there are still germs, bacteria, and other hidden dirt that can ruin your happiness. Here are a few tips to make your home cleaner before you move in. Follow these steps to ensure your new home is clean, comfortable, and ready for you to live in.

The most notorious place to find dirt is the toilet. If your new house was occupied by a previous tenant, it’s likely that they didn’t clean the garbage disposal. The disposal has a lot of grime hidden in its depths. Take a few minutes to do a thorough garbage disposal cleaning before you move in. This easy task will make your new house sparkle for potential buyers. Keeping the bathroom clean is a particularly important step for a new homeowner.

Deep clean all surfaces. Using a vacuum, mops, and dustpans, thoroughly clean surfaces before disinfecting them. Make sure to remove trash and empty it. Sanitize bathrooms. Wipe down all fixtures. Clean window sills and woodwork. Remove any traces of dust and debris from bathroom faucets and toilet seats. After that, you can disinfect any surfaces with antibacterial products. Then, you can move your furniture into your new home.

Get a Lock box

Getting a lock box for your home is a smart way to ensure your privacy, and it also helps prevent property thieves. Lockboxes are small metal boxes that contain a combination that unlocks the outer casing and a key inside. These boxes are widely available at hardware stores, and are easy to use if you know the combination. However, if you ever plan on changing the combination, a lockbox is not the right option.

When selling a home, getting a lockbox can save time for everyone involved, including the realtor and the buyer. Having a lockbox makes it much easier to leave your property quickly when a buyer’s agent drops by. Not only does it save time for everyone involved, but it also makes the entire process of selling a home faster. For the seller, getting a lockbox can help you move off the market quicker and avoid having to deal with a buyer’s agent and the paperwork associated with it.

Supra’s lockboxes are convenient and highly secure. They have multiple security measures and are made of quality materials. Moreover, they can withstand attack by thieves and burglars. Many of these lockboxes have a long list of features and may be more expensive than you anticipated. For instance, Supra lockboxes have a feature that lets you set hourly restrictions to ensure that your lockbox can only be opened during those hours.

Find a Handyman

You’ve probably numbered the task of finding a handyman high on your list of new homeowner things to do. While assembling a team can be a rewarding and time-saving task, there are a lot of moving parts to consider, and finding reliable people can be tough. That’s why more people are creating a go-to team of reliable professionals to take care of your needs.

Hiring a handyman will allow you to spend less time worrying about major repairs, but your house might still have niggling problems. A handyman will know the best way to fix these issues and will be able to work within a time frame. If you don’t have the time or know-how, consider looking for another handyman. Your new home is likely to be a work-in-progress, so it’s worth finding someone who has the experience necessary to complete the job.

Another handyman task that you’ll need is replacing fixtures. Oftentimes, these fixtures wear out and break after years of use. While many people have the skills to replace these fixtures themselves, others prefer to have someone else do it. While many replacement jobs don’t require a license, some fixtures will need a license to operate. If you’re not sure how to replace fixtures, talk to a handyman in your area.

Decorate Your Home With Your Personal Style

When deciding on your home decor, remember that every family has a different personal style, and choosing the right design for your new space will depend largely on your lifestyle and the style of your family. Consider which styles of homes inspire you, what colors and patterns make you feel good, and remember where you’ve visited and what you enjoyed. If you’re unsure, look for home decor ideas from magazines, online resources, and design books.

When it comes to decorating your home, consider the price and need of the items you’ll need. If you’re just starting out and don’t have much money, consider settling for less expensive alternatives for now. Once you’ve established your budget, you can prioritize the items that are most important to you and your family. Make sure you set a budget and stick to it, especially when decorating on a budget.

Your walls can be tricky to decorate. You might want to consider using wall art, but it’s often difficult to find inexpensive pieces. Instead of paying a fortune for a piece, consider buying a cheap print or finding a student art gallery. Another way to decorate your walls is to redefine what wall art is. There are many inexpensive and beautiful options for framing. You may even be able to frame old paintings or pictures.

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