Is It Smart to Put Your Hot iPhone in the Fridge?

Most iPhone users usually ask, “what causes my phone to be hot?” Well, heat occurs wherever there is energy. The camera, apps, games, and calls that you use on your iPhone are powered by billions of electrons moving around its circuits, resulting in overheating. So, Is it smart to put your hot iPhone in the fridge to cool it? 

Keep an overheated iPhone away from the refrigerator at all costs. Even though you can use iPhones in temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, severe temperature fluctuations and prolonged exposure to moisture can cause permanent damage to the devices.

So, as you know that it is not a wise decision to put your iPhone in the refrigerator, you might also want to know the reason behind overheating and how to overcome overheating. Keep reading to learn answers to such confusions. 

Should You Put Your iPhone in the Fridge?

No, you should not put your iPhone in the fridge. This could result in damage to your iPhone, which you will never want. 

Instead of putting the iPhone in the fridge, you should use some other approach to cool it. Besides, you can use ways to prevent the overheating of your iPhone, which you will learn further in the article. 

Why Is My iPhone Hot?

Before you conclude that “faulty batteries” are the cause of your phone’s overheating problems, you should consider a few things. While streaming movies or playing games for an extended period, you may wonder, “why is my phone so hot?” 

Spending hours watching videos or playing games strains your device’s CPU. As the phone charges, while you play, the battery can get even hotter and diminish its performance.

Additionally, too many applications are running simultaneously. Your phone’s processor, memory, and battery are constantly draining when you run background apps. 

Energy consumption increases as you add more apps. Keep your phone’s performance and efficiency high by updating your apps often to prevent software bugs from damaging the device.

There is a problem with your signal. Whether you are using cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, there is always a signal searching for your phone. Your mobile antenna uses more energy when you are in a location with weak cellular service or no Wi-Fi. 

Sunlight has been heating your phone. Is there a sunny window sill where you can put your phone? Do you drive in the heat? Stepping onto your back porch from the concrete steps? The metal and glass can work as a miniature oven, baking the delicate computer components if they’re left in a very hot location.

How Hot Is the Weather for Your iPhone? 

The current generation of iPhones operates at an ambient temperature ranging between 32 to 95°F. In this way, you can get an idea of which numbers you should watch out for when predicting the weather based on the device’s air temperature. 

The temperatures rarely deviate too far from these two points in the UK, so you should be fine. Recent years have seen the temperature go slightly higher than the operating parameters during high summer. 

In July 2019, a record 38.7 C temperature was recorded in Cambridge. If iPhone owners live in very hot or cold countries, they may need extra precautions, especially over short periods. To use the iPhone, you should keep these temperatures in mind. 

Unless you are using it, you can store your iPhone at any temperature between -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. When you park your car in the height of summer or when the weather turns bad, you should be cautious when leaving your iPhone outside.

How to Cool Down Your iPhone

Remove the protective case from your phone, switch to low power mode, or put it in a shady spot to cool it down if your phone starts to overheat. 

The screen’s brightness can be lowered, and you can disable GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi right away, even put the device into airplane mode. 

It goes for an overheating iPhone or Android handset in most cases. As explained earlier, if your phone gets too hot, you should never put it in the fridge or freezer.

How to Stop an iPhone from Overheating

It is always better to prevent your phone from overheating by taking preventive measures. There shouldn’t be any problem unless a hardware or software defect is causing it to overheat. 

Your phone’s battery and life are greatly extended with these simple tips. They also prevent your phone from overheating. 

Use Correct Charger

Some chargers have a higher wattage than others, and some are optimized for specific brands. Buy only cables and cords from reputable manufacturers and avoid cheap, third-party ones. Select those made by the manufacturer of your phone. 

If you intend to charge your iPhone on a couch, or soft surface, use a flat, hard one, such as a table. In addition, you may benefit from using a wireless charger, which charges more steadily and slowly. 

Install Cleaner Apps

There are several cleaner apps available, including Clean Master. By doing this, you can find apps and junk files that are slowing down your phone. If you do not diagnose and address the problem, you could end up with extra power consumption and overheating due to unwanted malware infecting your device at the back end. 

Further, you should shut down apps you don’t use. Removing those you don’t use anymore and updating those you require to keep if need be. Dim your phone’s screen by adjusting its settings.

Keep iPhone Away from Sunlight

Despite its obviousness, all people are distracted from it. Ensure the phone is in the shade and that it is not left in a hot vehicle to keep it safe from overheating. Overheating problems are likely to be solved – whether it’s your Android device or iPhone. 

Even though the latest smartphones can endure everyday situations and some temperatures, they are not immune to overheating. Therefore, do not keep your iPhone in sunlight.

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