Is It Safe to Sit on the Porch During Thunderstorms?

Watching thunderstorms and lightning striking the surface may be a great and fun thing to do, especially at night. Some people may prefer to sit on the porch and watch this remarkable thing happen. But is it safe sitting on the porch to watch thunderstorms?

It is not safe to sit on the porch during thunderstorms, even with a roof overhead. Thunder and lightning can be hazardous, and therefore you need to take them seriously when outside. It is best to stay indoors, and even when you are inside, ensure that you are away from windows and doors.

Thunderstorms are usually dangerous, and going outside when they are there could result in death. It would help if you did not do various things when there are thunderstorms, and this article covers them. Also, you will know more about why you should not sit on a porch during thunderstorms, among other things.

Can You Sit Out During Thunderstorms?

Thunder and lightning are most likely to cause more harm in most places, especially in areas that are prone to such things. Therefore it is crucial always to take them seriously when they are happening. It means that anytime there is thunder or lightning, you should avoid walking outside.

Well, some people may want to experience thunder and storms because, to them, it is fun to watch. Even though it can be fun, the possibility that they will cause damage that will affect you in one way or another is very high. For this reason, you should not fancy sitting outside your porch when they are occurring.

Thunderstorms typically go hand in hand with lightning which is also something you should take seriously. If you consider sitting outside your porch when such is happening, it’s time to cancel your decision and get inside the house.

Usually, there is a low chance of lightning striking a person. However, some factors may increase the chances of it hitting you, and most of these depend on the environment or surrounding you are in when lightning is striking. But in most cases, you will hear that the person struck was outside.

Never sit on the porch during thunderstorms because there may be something that conducts electricity. Such a thing may cause havoc when lightning strikes. For example, in most, if not all households, the porch is typically made of concrete.

Also, inside this concrete, there is usually a metal bar or a wire mesh that helps strengthen it. It effectively conducts electricity, and if you are near the porch or leaning towards it, you can be sure that it will affect you. So, the best solution is to stay indoors because you may never know if the item you are sitting or standing next to is a good conductor of electricity.

In some cases, thunderstorms may make trees fall, and some lands may even experience landslides. Others end up penetrating in trees that will instantly fall due to the effect, and if the tree was sitting near your porch, then the damage will be a lot. So, it is never safe outside because thunder may strike anything and anywhere and ends up affecting you too and has brought about so many deaths.

Can Lightning Strike You In Your House?

When there are thunderstorms, the best place to be to escape its effects is inside the house. While this may be a great option and a better way to protect yourself, it may not be as efficient in some places prone to lightning; being in the house or indoors may not be safe.

Thunderstorms typically come with a great force that can lead to death hence the need to remain indoors as it occurs. However, it may reach you even when you are inside; for instance, you are using your phone at the time. In such a case where lightning strikes the phone line, which may be outside your home, this strike will most likely travel to all the phones within the phone line.

So, if you will be using your phone or maybe holding it, it will contact the phone, which will potentially affect you. Therefore, if you are inside your house and using the phone, you are posing more danger. Use a cellphone to ensure that you are not in contact with the wires of the phone line for safety reasons.

Also, lightning tends to strike the metal roofs of some homes. It may not affect all the metal roofs, and currently, most companies have come up with ways to protect the roofings from attracting lightning. Nowadays, metal roofing is not likely to be affected by lightning strikes, unlike other roofing materials.

What Should You Not Do During Thunderstorms?

While being outdoors is not good when there are thunderstorms, at times, that may be the only option you have. However, you can take various safety preventive measures to protect yourself. For instance, when the thunder starts roaring, ensure you go to the closest enclosed shelter, including cars.

Ensure that the site you find protects you against both rain and lightning strikes. Also, you should ensure that the place is completely covered. Therefore, you need to avoid areas such as open porches or open garages.

Moreover, you should avoid seeking shelter under a tree since it is more prone to getting a strike. Also, you should ensure that where you go to seek refuge, there is no tree nearby because in case thunder strikes it, it may fall towards where you are, and in most cases, lightning tends to strike the tallest object within an area.

Another precaution you should take is ensuring that your electrical gadgets are not on. Such includes things such as telephones and even electricity around your home. If they are on, lightning strikes the power line, it may affect even the power in your house and cause a fire.

Also, ensure that you do not use the shower in your home when there is lighting. If you opt to sit on a porch, ensure that you do not lean on it, and best to ensure that you do not sit outside at all.

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