How Long Can A Refrigerator Be Stored Without Being Used?

Storing a refrigerator is one of the major concerns when people move to a different location. Maybe they plan to travel or think of renovating their house. It is not only about the storage unit but how long can a refrigerator be stored without being used?

If you store a refrigerator properly, it can last for years. With proper storage, a refrigerator stays odorless and mold-free. Before placing your refrigerator in the facility, defrost it for at least a week to remove all the moisture. Use an object to wedge on the refrigerator to keep it ajar.

Are you ready to move your refrigerator to a facility? Follow the tips below and have a worry-free vacation.

Do Refrigerators Go Bad If Not Used?

Refrigerators do not go bad when not used if it is stored properly. This is true even if you store it for a long period. I know that you are talking about the stinky smell refrigerators produce when not in use. Yes, proper storage eliminates that problem.

A great way to keep your fridge from not stinking is to remove the moist. Defrost it and let it sit for a week before you pack it. Your fridge needs time to release the moisture is absorbed. You can place dryer sheets and paper towels to get more absorption. When your fridge is ready for storage, replace the dryer sheets and paper towels. I prefer the stronger scent of dryer sheets but that’s all up to you.

You can also place moisture absorbers inside your fridge. But if you’re already using scented dryer sheets, use an odorless moisture absorber like silica gel, baking soda, and charcoal briquettes. It is not a good idea to use ground coffee powder for an unplugged refrigerator. It may go stale later on and it can add up to the stinky smell.  

When storing your fridge, you want to keep it dry. Rolling up a towel and wedging it to the door can keep your refrigerator ajar. You can use any object to wedge it into the door.

Is It Ok To Put A Refrigerator In Storage?

A refrigerator in a storage facility is a good way to keep it in top condition. Storage facilities today offer climate control and humidity control features. The units are maintained at moderate temperature protecting the fridge from the extreme weather condition. These control features are kept year-round. 

Storage units offer a wide choice of unit sizes. So whatever size of refrigerator you have, the facility got you covered. These facilities are clean. You do not need to worry about a pest-infested fridge. With security and personnel around, your appliance is safe 24/7.

Purchasing insurance is an add-on to keep your fridge safe. It covers loss due to unexpected events and natural disasters. If you’re on vacation for several months, consider storing your fridge in this facility.

How Do You Store A Refrigerator When Not In Use?

Refrigerator storage comes in several preparation steps to keep it clean, odorless, and mold-free. I mentioned earlier that keeping the refrigerator dry is essential. But that’s not the only thing you need to take note of when storing your fridge.

Clean and Disinfect

Unplug your refrigerator to start defrosting and to remove connections in the drainage line or the hose. You want to eliminate the water and moisture as much as you can. Remove all the items inside your fridge and clean it with soapy water. Do not forget to dry it with towels. If your refrigerator gets infested with maggots, pour hot water to kill them. Disinfect the fridge with vinegar. 

Remove the shelves and drawers then clean them. You can either place the clean shelves and drawers in sealed tubs or you can tape them inside the fridge. These extra steps secure the compartments when you move your fridge to a different location. 

Clean the exterior including doors and coils on the back. Spills can invite pests that can infest the fridge so be sure to clean it up. Be gentle on cleaning the coils. You can use a vacuum for this cleaning job or a dry towel. 

Place In A Proper Position

Whether you are placing the fridge inside the truck or storing it in the facility, avoid laying it on its side. When you position the fridge at an angle, the compressor oil shifts to the filter dryer. The oil fills the dryer with the balls inside clump up and becomes rusty. Clumping restricts the cycling of the refrigerant, which causes the refrigerator not to get cold. 

Keeping the fridge upright is the ideal position. Yet if you have no choice but to lay it on the side, lay it on the side where it is facing away from the filter. The tube on the other side of the compressor allows the oil to go back to the compressor when you place the fridge upright. 

Do not plug your fridge until the oil goes back to the bottom of the compressor. The older fridge needs a longer time than the newer model for the oil to go back. Do not go less than eight hours for the waiting time. It is safe to wait for 24 hours before plugging the fridge. If you have the service manual, follow the guidelines.  

Move Safely

If you are moving your refrigerator to a different location, call someone to assist you. Do not attempt pushing it without the dolly because it may strain your back. Tape the fridge and the shelves to keep them in place while on travel. Use a bubble wrap to prevent scratches and bumps.

That’s a lot of tips you must remember. Yet, following it assures that you will not buy a new model once you came back from your long vacation. It is important to remember that moisture attracts mold and can leave a nasty smell, so defrost your fridge for at least a week. Keep it dry and ajar.

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