How Do You Fix A Vibrating Downspout?

The downspout is one of the non-aesthetic parts of a house that is necessary because of its function. When it is installed properly, it can eliminate potential problems such as a leaky basement, yard erosion, concrete patios, and driveways erosion, and hydrostatic pressure. However, the downspout sometimes vibrates causing noise that annoys a homeowner. Luckily, there are many solutions for it. So, how do you fix a vibrating downspout?

A vibrating downspout can be fixed by inserting a rope where the water passes through it. It can also be a sponge that you put on the corners of the downspout. You can replace the metal downspout with a PVC one.

But there are a lot more solutions for a vibrating downspout. I have listed the options below and some of them may not work. It also includes the reason why the downspout vibrates.

How Do I Make My Downspouts Quieter?

There are quick fixes and long-term solutions for vibrating downspouts. For quick fixes, you can try using a nylon string or a sponge. When using a nylon string, you need to run it from the top all the way down. What you want to happen is to make sure that the rain that passes through the downspout makes contact with the string. At the lower end of the nylon, the strong rain becomes water droplets so you won’t hear any vibrations.

If you don’t want to set up the nylon string, you can opt for the sponge. You just need to put the sponge on the corners of the downspout. You can also clip it on the opening below. It should solve the problem. However, you must let the clip dry to prevent rust.

On the other hand, long-term solutions require you to make a little adjustment on the downspout. But you may need help with some of the tasks in case you do not call yourself a handyman. 

Replacing metal elbows with PVC material is one of the common solutions for this problem. It produces less noise when you use the PVC material. It may not look good aesthetically but the vibrating sound lessens. You can paint your downspout with the same color and they should look the same.

If you do not want to replace the downspout, you can ask your contractor if there is a problem with the downspout’s angle. The downspout produces a noise when it is over tilted causing the rainwater to make a contact on the gutter’s corner. If that is the case, let the contractor do the adjustment.

Downspout Alternative

You can use a downspout alternative called rain chains. When you use it, you totally need to remove the downspout. It is a guarantee that you will not hear any vibration because it is one of the popular features of a rain chain. It comes in different designs so it can add to the aesthetic of your house. It is also easy to install.

However, a rain chain is not sturdy during strong winds. It gets overwhelmed during heavy rainfall that it can cause flooding around the area of the chain base. It gets worse because rain chains do not have the features directing the water away from your home. If you plan to use this as an alternative, your location must have light rainfall throughout the year to keep the rain chains in good condition.

There are different rain chains available in the market today. You can choose by design. The available designs include link and loop style, cup style, and decorative theme style. It also comes in a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and bronze.

How Do You Fix A Vibrating Downspout?

Fixing a broken downspout starts with identifying the root cause of the problem. There are alternative solutions for vibrating downspouts that I will reveal later. Some are quick fixes and some are permanent solutions. But before you take those options, you just need to evaluate the reason behind a vibrating downspout. 

Leaks and Clogs

Downspouts usually get the vibrating sound because the rain makes contact with the gutter’s corner. However, it is not the case all the time. Sometimes you get the vibrating sound when the joints of the gutter get separated. Another reason is the presence of holes in the gutters. These conditions are great contributors to the vibrating downspout.

Apart from checking the joints and the holes, you must also check the window where the downspout is located. The sound may come from the window as the water leaks from the downspout that splashes to the window. The water hitting metal materials can create noise making you think that it is coming from the downspout. 

You must also check for the clogs somewhere in the downspout. It may be caused by debris such as dried leaves and twigs. The clog can be the culprit for water overflow. The overflow may hit other objects that can cause a sound-like vibration.

Regularly check the gutter and the downspout to ensure that it is in the right condition. Check for debris that causes the water to stay stagnant in the gutter. This tip also applies to rain chains. Sometimes, water from the gutter does not flow to the rain chain even though it is raining. In most cases, the debris on the gutter is the culprit. If you suspect that there is debris, all you need to do is to push the chain up to remove the clog.

Loose Gutter Fasteners

Gutter fasteners wear over time. It can be affected by heavy rains and temperature changes. There are cases when the gutter expands and contracts. These changes can loosen the gutter fasteners. When it loosens the water splashes to the downspout creating a vibrating sound. Because it is not tightly fastened when strong winds occur, the gutter moves to create a vibrating sound. 

Regular maintenance can save you a lot of money. When you do it, you do not need to worry about vibrating downspouts.

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