How Can I Not Be Bothered by My Neighbors?

Close neighborhoods foster meaningful connections and enhance social lives. But when it turns to annoyance and frustrations, the social cohesion that once bound the neighbors gets lost. So, this calls for the resolution of the conflicts. However, if the resolution is not an option, how should you avoid being bothered by neighbors?

Keep yourself active, be tolerant, speak politely, or avoid and ignore the neighbors who are bothersome to you. As a result, you will be assured of both your privacy and avoid any harm that may result from engaging them.

The tips I have outlined here may not make your neighbors like you, but from them, there’s a lot for you on handling such situations in this life. Make sure you don’t miss any of these;

How Do I Stop Being Annoyed by Neighbors?

City life comes with its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. For instance, living in the city offers you access to a wide range of important resources. However, your working moods and environment might be quite stressed up when you have neighbors who don’t care about being mindful of others.

Some people peer through the window whenever your car drives into the driveway, while others cannot help but question the source and legality of your wealth. Here are a few things to notice in your neighbors, especially if you haven’t experienced this before or if you’re too busy to notice. You should stay off your neighbors, and be anxious to focus on your happiness instead.

Types of Bad Neighbors

Any of the following traits in your neighbors could be indicators that you are better off avoiding them in case of problems.

  • Annoying Neighbors

Does your building have residential flats with other people living there? You can recognize annoying neighbors from their wayward lives with no regard to their impact on yours. Here are a few things you can expect from such neighbors.

  • Parking in your driveway
  • Playing loud music
  • Failure to manage their rogue kids
  • Refusing to pick up their pet
  • Calling the police on another neighbor
  • Social & Gossiping Neighbors

This is the kind of neighbor who will happily introduce themselves as well as scratch your back when you need, but at the same time, they will invade your privacy and leak your private details to others. Some of these neighbors tend to be more civilized and their motives are sometimes harder to discern right away. If you have mastery over their moods, you may notice some fluctuations, which they might attribute to a fake bipolar attitude.

  • Fairweather Neighbors

People who enjoy your company when the going is good and when they know they will benefit from you. When dealing with heavy matters, these are not the people to call. It is, however, your option to keep them or leave them. While such neighbors are not afraid to confide in you, don’t allow yourself to be tricked into doing the same.

You may attract some of them by circumstance, but they won’t stick around long after you satiate their needs. Therefore, you should make a wise decision regarding how to handle them.

How Should I Not Be Bothered by Neighbors?

Even though you might need all these neighbors in one way or another, you also must keep an even keel between yourself and them. It is wise not to get involved in any issues with them that could end up severely damaging your well-being.

Here are a few tips on how to not get bothered by anything your neighbors do, unless they are bullies and stalkers threatening your safety and that of your family members.

  • Be More Tolerant

You might feel like your neighbor is a nuisance every second of the day until you wonder if they ever sleep or if they do anything. Unless you have a drill under your flat from the floor of their house or a chuff cutter next to your bedroom window, you have to learn to let them be.

The neighbors around you can be so critical of everything you do – even when their actions have no basis. Unfortunately, all you have to do is accept the fact that you are not alone in the world.

  • Get Busy

Even though being tolerant is a virtue anyone should possess, it is, in addition, a guide from the Holy Books to keep in mind that there are neighbors who wouldn’t care about what you’re doing or your immediate reactions. Maintaining a busy schedule is the best way to avoid getting bored. Watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk or do anything else at home as a distraction from the ongoing nuisance.

Several of them might be worth your time to call the police, but the moment they are out, they’ll do something even worse to annoy you. So you’d better engage yourself more than before.

  • Ignore Them

Despite every sense in you screaming at you to do one thing or another, being more considerate of their situation does help to ignore them. In some cases, people don’t just be a nuisance out of the blue, many of the time they are going through a lot of things that they don’t open up to anyone. So by being a nuisance to others, they feel as if they are sharing their hardships.

In these cases, it is best to pretend that these people don’t exist.

  • Be Polite

It is important to learn how to turn down your neighbors’ advances politely if they intrude on your privacy. Always be polite to your neighbors regardless of the circumstances. You never know when you will need them, so always maintain polite behavior.

  • Avoid the Neighbors

If you have had anything unpleasant happen to you from your neighbors, you should think twice about getting close to them again. 

Be cautious not to judge your neighbors if they ignore your presence or do not greet you. It’s impossible to know what they went through to become who they are. As long as they’re comfortable with who they are, let them have their space.

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