Can You Add A Basement To A House Already Built?

There are quite a lot of projects which seem impossible. One of the foremost is adding a basement to an already-built house. The reason is that creating a basement is one of the first things to be done when building a house. Yet, for some reason, people often wonder if it’s feasible to carry out this task without damaging their houses.

Building a basement beneath your already existing homes is most often feasible, although certain conditions must be met to prevent damage. In addition, moving houses and building basements require the utmost care and should be done by professionals. 

However, there are several considerations you should look at before deciding on adding a basement to your house. Although on paper, it may seem like a pretty hard job to do, with many processes and tasks involved. Nevertheless, once the factors are right and the process is started, the ease of adding a basement to your house is revealed. 

Therefore, if you’d love to add a basement to your house when the analysis indicates that you can, you should go ahead. These processes follow patterns for them to be achieved. There are always available professionals who’d give you the needed help.

There are reasons why people try to add basements to houses that were not built with them from the start. Also, there are some things you should consider if you are thinking of adding a basement to your house. You’re at the right place where you’d get this information; read on as we will discuss all these shortly.

Reasons for Adding Basements to Already Built Houses

The most important reason for adding a basement to your house is to increase the available living or storage space. If the space in your house isn’t enough and requires an increase, adding a basement is one of the remedies. 

Furthermore, the normal solution to this problem would be adding to the house’s perimeter or adding a story. This activity provides easier and more effective ways to tackle the lack of space in your house. However, this would not be possible in all circumstances. Therefore, the addition of a basement would be the last resort.

 Series of problems and issues could prevent you from using other methods of increasing space in your house. For example, limited plot space and the housing rules of that area could prevent you from utilizing more affordable and feasible methods of increasing space. 

Factors to be Taken Into Account When Adding a Basement to Your Already Built House

When deciding whether or how to construct a basement in your house which has already been built, there are some factors you should consider. For example, the construction cost, local building restrictions, the insurance on the house, and the timeline for completing the construction should all be considered. These would be explained briefly.

  1. The Building Cost

Before you go ahead with the construction task, the first thing to take into account is the cost. The cost determines the type and magnitude of the basement you would choose to build and which suits your capacity. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to use good and high-quality building materials in this instance so that your house doesn’t become susceptible to collapse. 

Also, building a basement in a house that has already been built could be 50% more costly than building in space. But, again, the reason is that the former requires some excavation and higher levels of effort than the latter.

Additionally, it would help to get bids from different house moving companies to determine which one you’d go with.

  1. The House’s Insurance

While you work on the preliminaries on adding a basement to your house, you should always consider the insurance. Talking to your insurance company about the necessities for special requirements may be a good idea. This helps make it more formal. The reason is that house insurance claims may be distorted if measurable changes to the house are not recorded and included in the agreement. 

Therefore, the house’s insurance needs to be revisited and updated to cover the improvements on the house.

  1. Timeline for Completion of Basement Construction

The time frame in which the construction of the basement is done helps understand how long it’ll take to put everything together. This is an important factor that needs consideration when it comes to constructing a basement in a house that has been built. 

Time is a pertinent parameter that determines the effectiveness and efficiency of a particular activity. Therefore, it always keys into this circumstance.

  1. Local Building Regulations

These regulations are put in place to avoid indiscriminate construction activities which cause harm in the long run. Therefore, while adding a basement to your house, you should contact local development authorities to discuss certain important factors which come into play. However, these regulations and restrictions should be favorable before you continue with the project of adding a basement to your house. 

These regulations and factors may prevent you from going ahead. Nevertheless, you can use better alternatives.

How Do I Move My House Before the Addition of a Basement?

The most effective and efficient way to add a basement to an already built house is by moving the house. Note that houses are moved by professional house movers who reinforce and brace the structure while moving it to prevent collapse. In addition, houses are always moved to cleared areas by the side, using pads and cranes.

However, there are still options if moving the house to the side isn’t possible because of obstructions such as trees or other houses. For one, you could raise the house with Jacks and a crane several feet high, bracing it with blocks and tie-downs. This even proves more energy and cost-effective in some circumstances compared to moving the house to another spot. 

The whole aim is to provide the construction workers with enough space to excavate the basement and build it. Therefore, you should interpret the situation and choose the best one for you before jumping into the process.

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