7 Great Decorating Tips for New Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner, we must congratulate you. Remember that your home is the best place to relax after the usual hustle and bustle of living especially in cosmopolitan areas. 

Creating a classy interior design can give good impressions to your guests and having a well-decorated house will make you feel good about your house and yourself. 

To help with your interior design impression we will give you 7 great tips that will enhance the décor of your new house and make it a home to always cherish.

7 Great Decorating Tips for New Homeowners

The tips that make our list are top-notch and you’re sure to get your money’s worth both in terms of improvement in value and satisfaction if you adopt them. They include:

1. Choose Good Lighting

A lot of new homeowners underrate the strength of having good lighting in their homes until they discover that some rooms are not properly lit and they don’t feel comfortable in them. 

Particular attention should be paid to the lighting of the bathrooms and the kitchen compared to the other rooms. You will also need a plan for layered lighting in the rooms and for this, we will recommend getting a professional to help you get the correct lighting. It is not just about the amount of light entering but also about the color of the light concerning your preferences. 

There are 3 different kinds of lighting you should know about. These include Ambient, Task, and Accent. Ambient lighting provides general illumination, which is usually from ceiling fixtures (check out on Amazon). Task lighting is usually used in areas devoted to reading and writing. These will include studies, home libraries, and home offices.

Accent lighting, on its part, is usually used for decorative purposes, often for highlighting artworks or artifacts. They create visual interests in a room. For example, for your living room, you should place at least 42 lumens per square foot. A trick you can use is by putting canister uplights (check out on Amazon) in the corner of the room so that a glow will be cast on the ceiling to make the room look much bigger. 

Another type of lighting you should consider using is natural lighting. Try to place your windows in the right position to allow natural light and ambiance to pass through. You can place them in a way that they’ll allow you to see the beautiful landscape and exciting scenery around your house.

2. Show Your Personality 

Don’t constrain yourself when decorating your house. Try to avoid thinking about how others will feel about your newly-decorated house. Try as much as possible to show your personality by using items that will show your interests and lifestyle. Don’t think too much about matching every single item; everything will eventually come together to create your dream home as long as you decorate it according to your taste. 

One of the most obvious ways of showing your personality is by decorating your new home with family photos. You can do this with a gallery wall. It will allow you to select your favorites and enjoy the moments they represent, while still maintaining a beautiful and organized space in the room. For a contemporary and clean method, try to use a grid layout for your photos with a good collage frame  (check out on Amazon).

You can also add a family heirloom to your furniture. You can blend the memorable items into your home design by adding modern accessories to them to keep your style updated while also honoring the history of the items. 

You can also add artworks that mean a lot to you. So as you search for artworks, think about particular memories, special places, or even persons that they’ll remind you of. Make sure the artworks are not placed too far apart. 

Leaving a space of about 2 to 4 inches between them will look great. Also, try not to fix them too high up so that they can be easily viewed and appreciated.

Traveling is one good way of collecting artifacts and vintage items for décor that aren’t easy to find. 

You can also use songs as an idea for your decor. The song you want to choose can be anything from the song you played at your wedding to your favorite song. You can make the lyrics of the songs into a design that you can place on your walls.

3. Buy Quality Furniture

Furniture can also be used for decorating your new home. One of the first pieces of furniture you need to buy should be a bed (check out on Amazon). It is one of the most important investments you should make for your new home so you should try to get one that fits your taste.

Sofas and couches (check out on Amazon) are also decorative items that you should consider. They’d be where you will be watching most of your Netflix shows, so make sure they’re comfortable. 

When shopping for furniture, avoid shopping for everything from one store. If you do that, you might give your room a kind of one-note vibe which can be like making your room lifeless. To make your house more authentic, try to give it a good mix of decor. Shop from different stores and create a diverse mix of furniture from different brands. 

4. Place Your Furniture At The Center

Lots of home decorators/designers have attested to some common mistakes made by new homeowners. One of them is moving furniture close to the wall. No matter the amount of large space they have in their home, they usually tend to move their furniture too close to the walls, making the room feel stuffy and rigid. 

This tendency doesn’t have any benefit so you should try to avoid this mistake and put your furniture as close to the center of the space as possible. 

Putting your furniture away from the walls will make your room feel bigger compared to if they are against the wall.  

In your living room make an effort to make your sofas and couches positioned in such a way that they’ll allow for easy conversations just like in hotel lobbies. Try as much as possible to arrange them in a similar grouping. 

You can make a sofa and two chairs face each other at each end of a table to form a U-shape. You can also try placing the sofas directly across two chairs and a coffee table (check out on Amazon) at the center. If you push your furniture close to the wall you will miss the mark of creating an opportunity for good conversations.

5. Choose The Best Wall Paint Or Wallpaper For Your Walls

Choose the best wall paint or wallpaper (check out on Amazon) for your home instead of choosing the cheapest ones. Try not to select the color first, instead think about the décor in the room which will inspire you to think of the best color or wallpaper to match them. 

You can also look for inspirations on the internet but resist the urge of picking just any color you see because you’ll be better off matching the color of each room separately. So imagination is highly needed and as you continue to scroll through color combinations you will eventually get an idea that fits your preferred style for each room.

If you don’t want to worry much about wall paint or wallpaper colors, you can select a neutral color. You’ll also need to decide which part of your room you want to place more emphasis on. 

If you want people to focus more on the walls, choose any bright color of your choice for the wall while making everything else in the room neutral. Doing it that way will prevent any item in the room from competing with the design of the walls. 

This is one of the reasons why bright colors for bathrooms work because everything else in the room would usually be neutral-colored.

6. Don’t Forget About Your Floors

Don’t forget to work on the floors. If you feel they feel too cold, you can add carpets or rugs (check them out on Amazon) with cool designs on the floor. Sometimes floor paints can also do the trick and transform your home with much elegance. 

Soft greys and white are trends that are popular among most new homeowners now. You can try it to see whether they’ll work for you. 

You can also install hardwood flooring to make your home more stylish and to also increase its overall value.

7. Use Plants For Decoration

The use of plants with beautiful pots and plant hangers (check them out on Amazon) for decoration will make your home more appealing whether you are inside or outside. As a new homeowner, you can arrange a couple on the hallway with plants of the same or different species. 

Apart from purifying the air and creating a naturally relaxing feeling, plants also bring the secret essence and beauty of nature into your home. There are several species out there in the nearest horticulturist’s garden. Visit one today and you’ll be captivated.

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