7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas For A New Home

Did you just purchase or rent a new home and you are in search of some really good and exciting decorating ideas for your bathroom? Well, all you need to do is to browse through different magazines or websites on the internet with nice bathroom decorating ideas and you will get different ideas as to how you want your bathroom to look. 

If you want to go for a decoration that screams sophistication and elegance, but you do not have a huge budget planned out for it, you don’t have to worry. The good thing about bathroom decorating ideas is that there are so many out there that you will certainly find one that is within your budget. 

We have decided to make your job of looking for some pretty good decorating ideas you can use in the bathroom of your new home easier by compiling a list of 7 bathroom decorating ideas for a new home.

Here are 7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a New Home

The ideas that make our list will make your bathroom a place to always enjoy. They include:

1. Dark and Moody Theme

Dark and Moody

If you plan on adding a little bit of drama and boldness to your new home’s bathroom, we believe going for a dark and moody theme is the best option. Using dark color palettes for decorating any part of your home helps to create a deep sense of charm and sophistication. So imagine using that same color palette for your bathroom, it will look really beautiful, charming, and sophisticated. 

For your moody and dark themed bathroom, you can try installing wall-mounted mixer taps since they are great for compact bathroom designs (dark and moody themed bathrooms tend to look smaller) as you would not be needing a basin pedestal to hide the pipework. You can use this space to add some more things to your bathroom — either for house shelving or probably to keep a laundry basket.

While going for the dark and moody theme in your new home’s bathroom, try incorporating some light colors. Do not use the excuse that you are going for a bathroom with a dark and moody, so all the accessories or fixtures have to be dark-colored. You can start by incorporating some light-colored fixtures or probably by using window placement to introduce natural light. 

Incorporating light colors to your dark and moody themed bathroom will contrast well with the overall dark time of the bathroom. It will help you in enhancing the feeling of more space. Truth be told, when a room is very dark, it tends to look smaller than it is, so incorporating light colors will make it look bigger.

2. Timeless Classic Theme


Sticking to a timeless color palette like neutral tones of white, grey, and probably a hint of black will be hard to fault because they never go out of style. This is why if you are looking for some really good bathroom decorating ideas for your new home, the timeless classic is a pretty good option as this style of design is one of the most popular today. 

You can add some flair to your neutral color palette by maybe incorporating indoor plants and including timber for a pop of fresh color and energy. If you have decided to go for a white bathroom suite, you will need to incorporate a little hint of color on the walls as the perfect compromise because even though using white for your bathroom’s wall paint is the best choice for opening up small spaces, it can sometimes feel a little stark if everything in the room is white. 

You do not need to use a super-bright or bold color for the perfect compromise for your bathroom’s theme, you just need a color that is light enough to create some kind of airy feel, but it should have a lot more character. For instance, you can have your storage alcoves built from tongue-and-groveling paneling then painted in beige to contrast with the white walls and striking grey tiles.

3. Patterned and Textured Theme


Pattern and texture are one of the best options for a bathroom and due to this, terrazzo is growing in popularity every second of the day. If you have decided to go for a pattern and texture theme for designing your bathroom in your new home, we suggest that you make it the main statement in the room. This means that you have to make sure that whatever additional materials and fixtures you will be including in the bathroom should complement it and not compete with it. 

Since patterns are usually very busy – like so many things going down in one place, bringing in too many elements that can compete with it will make your bathroom go from feeling tranquil to feeling overwhelming within the twinkle of an eye. 

4. Pastel Colours


Using the pastel color scheme for your bathroom will create an energetic yet calm ambiance. The pastel color scheme can also be called a muted pallette because using it is a calming and great way for anyone to introduce color to their bathroom without it bringing in that overwhelming feeling at the end of the day. 

All you need to do is figure out the different ways you can apply pastel colors to your room that will suit your sense of style and the feel you want in your bathroom. For instance, you can try to create a feature pop of color in a particular area by using periwinkle, then pair it with neutral tones like white or even grey.

5. Stock Up the Bathroom With Flowers


Head out to the garden center in your area, and carefully pick out some plants that you think will suit your bathroom. There are certain characteristics for the survival of plants such as humidity, room temperature, and natural light that you should maintain because don’t forget that the plants would be kept away in your bathroom. A few houseplants with their green-looking nature will make the room appear larger and colorful. 

You can also add a palm leaf tree to the corner of the room to bring life to your bathroom. Adding a colorful rug and some window decorations would even make the bathroom look as decorative as any part of the house. 

Putting a flower in a room adds life and oxygen to it, so being in there is even enough to give you hope about the future. For example, the indoor Monstera Deliciosa plant is one plant that would give your bathroom that perfect look! All you need to do is to pluck out its leaves and drop them in a pool of water, and it will begin to grow. 

6. Go for Wallpapers


If you have a personal dislike for paintings that will get places messy for you or your landlord doesn’t agree to repaint, wallpapers are a good start for you. Get creative with different patterns or colors of wallpapers such as floral or vinyl. 

Peel-and-stick would serve a greater purpose and it’s easier to install and remove, so it would be advised to use the peel-and-stick wallpaper, although you can go for any type of wallpaper of your choice. 

When picking wallpapers, go for the ones that can withstand condensation and moisture, so you don’t have to keep replacing them after months of usage. If you decide to go for the floral peel-and-stick, it would give the bathroom that fresh-feeling look. You would also feel more comfortable when in the bathroom, and might even forget that you’re in a bathroom!

Another method of installing your wallpapers is installing them in half. You might begin to wonder what this means. Well, installing wallpapers in half means that it would be above the floor to avoid splashing of water especially when the wallpaper doesn’t agree with moisture. This could also reduce the cost for those of us looking for budget-friendly decorations. More so, this would add a little personality to your bathroom. 

7. Just Paint


Well, this decoration involves painting or repainting your bathroom. You can decide to just pick a color and stick to it throughout the full area of your bathroom. Going for one color will make things a lot easier and give your bathroom a simple look. As normal and common as it sounds, this decoration idea is not a bad idea. It is also visually interesting especially when you go for white. 

Though not only white can be used, you can decide to go for your color of choice – even if it’s blue or pink. Trust us, it would still turn out nice. Some designs even involve painting the faucet to give the room a toned look. Just a fresh shade of a coat of paint can make the bathroom even look new. Always search for paint that will accept the humid conditions of the bathroom. Painting is an important term when it comes to decorating because it can change a room from ugly to beautiful. 

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